END가 아닌 AND로。 (ی∂ị∂) (kyuppuccino) wrote in kangta_nation,
END가 아닌 AND로。 (ی∂ị∂)


I have a weird request.

Do you remember Kangta's English fansite "Silver Bell"?
I always thought it was one of the best websites I've EVER come across. Sadly it's down now, it used to be located here; the domain is still up, but Kangta's fansite's webmaster (ichi) is no longer hosted there. I'm thinking of emailing the domain owner to have more information, but I decided to ask here too.. (maybe ichi is part of this community too, who knows?)

Was anyone crazy enough to download or screencap the entire fansite?
I had it once, but my computer died a long time ago.. T-T I'd kill to have it again!
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